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June 14, 2013
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Heronpaw | tBT by Sunkissgem Heronpaw | tBT by Sunkissgem

edit 6/15: okay wow im finally done with it and i;ve only been awake for an hour - if there's any problems, please don't hesitate to alert me c:
I’ve been working for 5+ hours straight and yet I’m still not done.
Do you ever just make a character that matches you almost exactly because I just did and I didn’t mean to.
I started this whole thing around 10PM and now it's 7AM tBT what have you done to me.
ugh, sorry the text is too light. well everything on the side bar is down here somewhere c:
All lyrics go to their owners

{ x every now and then the stars align . x }

name | Heronpaw
past names: Heronkit
future names: unknown! ideas: Herontuft, Heronfall, Heronleap

age | 12 moons
gender | female
breed | unknown

clan | thunderclan
rank | apprentice
past ranks: kit
future ranks: warrior

{ x putting my red dress on tonight . x }

basic appearance | Heronpaw has a slightly smaller stature than most she - cats her age. She has small paws and ears. Her fur is longer in the facial, chest, and rump areas. Heronpaw's body, although covered in thick fur in some places, is actually very lithe and light.
pelt | Heronpaw’s pelt consists of two shades of gray and one lighter shade of gray that closely resembles white. While her main color is a plain gray, the darker gray sweeps Heronpaw’s back and tail base as well as doting three of her paws. The white color rests within the dark gray as well as covering her right eye, left ear tip, right paw, and tail tip.
eye color | a rich, dark hazel.
scent | faint dew and rain | Heronpaw loves running through the forests in the morning at dawn.

{ x hold on to your heart . x }

( Histrionic | Social | Affectionate & Childish | Easily Bored & Instigator | Emotionally Sensitive )

( Histrionic )
Heronpaw is one attention-seeker. While she may not openly pursue her desire, she craves to be recognized as a fantastic apprentice and lives for the thrill of being center of attention. Being second best isn’t really an option for Heronpaw. She strives for perfection in every way, shape, and form.

( Social )
Heronpaw is a very talkative and out-going she – cat that loves to form relationships. She craves friendship and seems to slip into a somewhat depressed state when she feels like she isn’t getting much attention or feels that the relationship is weak or strained. The apprentice feels most at ease when she’s in a large group of cats her age that include her in the conversation.

( Affectionate & Childish )
Heronpaw cherishes however many number of friends she has to no end. She will do almost anything for them and is very affectionate towards them. She gets giddy when she has crushes and openly displays affection for the receiving end. Heronpaw is not very mature or composed and tends to over – exaggerate things and can be quite dramatic.

( Easily Bored & Instigator )
Heronpaw likes to be kept active and thinks it’s an absolute drag when things are moving slowly. If there is no current conflict or happening to catch up on, Heronpaw is subject to cause trouble among her clan mates for the fun of it. She can be very devious with her meddling, but knows a cat’s limits very well. Nothing ever goes too far, as Heronpaw thinks of it as a game and hopes to keep it that way.

( Emotionally Sensitive )
Heronpaw is extremely sensitive to criticism and will either take it too harshly or lash out in fury from ‘not being good enough for your stupid standards’. She won’t always act so hurt or shock directly after being called out on, but it will make her think that the cat doesn’t like her as much or has found a new friend to hang out with. Over all, Heronpaw is very needy in means of relationships, but she can function properly and well if given the right circumstances.

likes |
† Rain
† Early Mornings
† Birds
† Feathers
† Friends
† Attention

Dislikes |
† Storms
† Stinky things
† Swimming
† Know - it - alls
† Being cold
† Show-offs Actually totally loves when guys do it but yeah;;

{ x it’s only worth living if somebody is loving you . x }

orientation | straight
preference | toms with intelligence as well as some brawn | blue or amber eyes
experience | understands basic acts | has not had any experience what so ever
looking for | possible quick 'boyfriends' | long term open
hot list |
:bulletblack: Non sexual
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Sexual

{ x spent the night dancing with past incarnations . x }

Grandfather | Talonheart
Grandmother | Zelda
Father | Weaselstep
Mother | Cloudsplash
Siblings | Fernkit [ f ], Mosspaw [ m ]

>Siblings are open for adoption!

{ x i think it's best we both forget before we dwell on it . x }

kitten hood { 0 – 6 moons }
Heronkit was born to two expectant parents on a warm and breezy summer evening along with her brother, Mosskit. Heronkit was first born and was named because of her gray pelt that matched the herons living by the water. Mosskit was named for the large stretch of mossy gray that covered his ivory pelt – similar to Heronkit’s. The two kits were quickly acquainted with the Thunderclan members when they opened their eyes and ears several days later. The two were fascinated with clan life and were determined to do the best reenactments of their clan’s victories. Mosskit always demanded to take on the winning role and always defeated Heronkit at the end of each reenactment. Other kits soon joined in and all together they chased Heronkit out of the den multiple times. Heronkit knew it was just fun and games, but she couldn’t help take it to heart.

apprenticeship { 7 moons – current }
When the time came, the two siblings were given their apprentice titles as Heronpaw and Mosspaw. Heronpaw was given to [insert mentor’s name] to be taught how to be a warrior and Mosspaw was given to [name] for the same purpose. After only about a moon after the ceremony, Cloudsplash gave birth to Fernkit, a very dark gray she – cat with minty green eyes. Heronpaw felt that the new sibling took away her parent’s time and devotion for her and felt minimal distaste for the newborn. Once again, Heronpaw couldn't help but take it to the heart.
Now feeling slightly rejected, Heronpaw hopes that other apprentices and warriors will appreciate her like her parents used to.

>More will be added as relationships form

{ x the books that i keep by my bed are full of your stories . x }

:bulletblack: | Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: | Hate
:bulletwhite: | Neutral
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | Special
:bulletyellow: | Caution
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: | Fear
:bulletgreen: | Acquaintance
:bulletblue: | Friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue: | Close Friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: | Best Friend
:bulletorange: | Mentor

Name | Clan | Age


{ x it almost feels like a joke to play out the part . x }

ex 1: taken from a WOT roleplay
"Of course, right away, sir." Esme responded before leaving along with the other maids. She made the trip back to the kitchen and began heating a small pot of water. The she-cat then poured the water through a strainer with the green tea leaves and into a teapot and let the strainer sit while she visited the pantry for sugar cubes. Esme returned to the pot and removed the strainer, tossing out the contents. Placing the teapot and sugar cube dish onto a platter, Esme grabbed a teacup and saucer with a pattern similar to the pot and added it to the patter. She picked the whole thing up and made her way to the King's office. Esme knocked twice before opening the door.
She was met with the golden tabby tom hunched over his desk sifting through various piles of paper work. Esme pulled out a table and poured the tea into the cup and added two sugar cubes. Esme smiled as she looked at the tea, approving of its completion.
"Your tea, sir." Esme announced calmly as she placed the teacup onto the saucer and onto William's desk where he generally left his empty cup. "Anything else before I leave?" Esme asked gently as she stood back and picked up the platter and supported it with her shoulder and left hand.

ex 2: taken from THK application
The lightly spotted tyro smiled to herself as she basked in the warm light of the sun. The air was slightly damp with moisture gathered from the watery territory. Sauti shifted from paw to paw as small pebbles began to burn her paw pads. She surveyed the Crowded Water village and decided that a little swim wouldn’t hurt. Sauti scratched a few pictures depicting her in water into the dirt by the tyro’s den before walking out of the village. The plants on the territory offered shade from the blazing sun as she made her trek. Seeing that she was nearing her favorite lake, Sauti grinned and sprinted off towards the welcoming blue pool. She slowed her pace and circled the lake, examining the minnows that darted back and forth. Sauti descended into the cool blue and gave a slight shiver from the temperature change. The water was cooler than what Sauti had expected and was drastically different from the warm breezes that blew around the island this time of year. Sauti smiled contently and ducked her head under the surface to gaze at a whole other world. Fishes rushed in and out of green weeds that swayed in the slow current. Turtles glided around in the water, using the current to their advantage. The bright sun created a beautiful sparkling effect under the surface. Sauti played around in the water some more before exiting and shaking the water from her fur and licking it down. She inspected the area before jogging back to the village for some food. Maybe tomorrow she’ll go hunting.
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